Electrify Rainbow Six: Siege Spain Nationals Roster Update.

by electrifyesports Admin | August 01, 2020


Today is a sad day as we announce we will be parting ways with our incredibly talented Rainbow Six: Siege Spain Nationals roster after the conclusion of Season 2 of the Spanish Nationals

We would like to thank all of our players, Javixu, JoT4, JU4MP4, aLex, Welshyy and their coach, Wasabi for their dedication and effort throughout the season, especially leading into the second split and playoffs in which we finished 5th in regular season, and 3rd-4th in the Finals after falling to the eventual Champions Team Heretics in the Winners Semi-Finals. 

Unfortunately, due to Ubisoft's current regulations, we are unable to maintain our national roster as we are competing in the Asia-Pacific Region at the highest level in the APAC North League.

Going into Season 3 of the Rainbow Six: Spain Nationals, we will be assisting our players in finding a new home for the upcoming season, in which we hope they can go on to achieve great things in Europe as we wish them all the best.

To all of our fans who have supported us throughout our journey, and have became fans along the way, we'd like to say thank you to you all for your support throughout the season, and we hope you can continue supporting us going into our future ventures.

#StrikeBlue #ElectrifyFamilia

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