Electrify Esports Management Team

Electrify was founded in February 2019 by a group of friends who hoped to create a community and brand in the gaming ecosystem.

The main ethos is to provide a foundation for competitive players and content creators who can grow their personal brands alongside the organisation.

Electrify Began competing in European Esports Gaming and quickly gained a reputation in the competitive Call of Duty scene. This quickly expanded into titles such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege and others.

Electrify presents itself as a strong brand attending events across Europe and most recently Asia competing in a variety of game titles and genres. A great emphasis is placed upon the core ethos of supporting the community and growing individuals in the ecosystem.




  • Samuel "Omni" Nevin

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    Samuel Nevin, the Chief Executive Officer of Electrify Esports, is an undergraduate student currently studying business and management. Samuel specialises in business operations and marketing campaigns, and possesses an innate ability to bring a diverse group of people together as a cohesive team. Now managing a larger scale operation, Samuel's role as CEO involves setting the strategic direction for Electrify, brokering the many business dealings with other companies, and managing the top-level structure of the organisation.

  • Joseph Powell

    Chief Operations Officer

    Joseph Powell, the Chief Operations Officer of Electrify Esports, is an Account Manager of an international firm. Joseph specialises in managing finances and creating specifically catered marketing campaigns. Since recently taking up the role as Chief Operations Officer Joseph's role will accompany Sam in setting the strategic direction for Electrify. Joseph's role involves managing the organisations budget and staff performing reviews.

  • George "Reluctant" Harris

    Executive Director

    George "Reluctant" Harris is the Executive Director at Electrify, an Esports professional who came from humble beginnings arising from the Call of Duty Competitive scene. Already having 3 years of Experience at the age of Eighteen, George has proven himself to have an eye for upcoming talent across many titles and genres within Esports. George plays a major part in leading Electrify into success within Gaming and Esports, Hand-picking the best upcoming talent across the globe.

  • Toby Hogg

    Director of Partnerships and Development

    Toby ' Tobiamus' Hogg is a newcomer to Electrify Esports, having joined the organisation in early 2020. Since joining, he has helped oversee the professional expansion of the organisation from a business perspective, as well as providing assistance where required in all other aspects of the busy day-to-day operations of Electrify. A recent graduate from Warwick University, Toby is ready and hungry to ensure the continued growth of the Electrify brand worldwide.

  • Param Barodia

    Business Development Executive

    Param Barodia is another recent addition to the Electrify family, having joined in mid-2020. A current Global Communications student at the University of Westminster, his fluency in multiple languages and business knowledge give Electrify the edge. Param hopes to continue growing Electrify into the organisation it has always had the potential to be.

  • Jack Jones

    General Manager